Seward Holiday

We returned from the Kenai Fjords fishing trip to stay in Seward over the 4th of  July and go fishing on a party boat.  Apparently everyone from Anchorage makes this same trek to the Kenai Peninsula over the holiday and the town in packed.  No room at any campgrounds, so we stayed here...

Ditch Hotel
It was common practice, we followed the lead of others.  The price was right, too.  Since the town was packed, w made our own restaurant which served halibut for every meal the week we stayed there.

Livin' It

After fishing, we went for a walk in the woods.  We saw a glacier, and the mixing of glacial run off with stream/rain water run off.  Neat stuff.  We drank some glacial water, and let me tell you the marketing strategies of water bottle companies is pretty good.  Iit doesn't taste as well as they'd lead you to believe.

And then this.  

Maybe we should haveve brought the shotgun with.

Clouds & LingCod

a couple days of lingcod & fog/clounds/rain in addition to the halibut and rockcod.  When a lingcod hits, its as if your pole has been struck by lightning.

Lingcod are eating machines, their heads and mouth are twice as big as the rest of their body.  pointy sharp nasty ripping teeth.  I think they just sit and wait for something tasty to swim by, then ambush it.  they are delicious.

halibut are still good though