Denali National Park

If you haven't been here, go.  At the soonest time possible, I think they have some flights available tonight.

because these pictures don't do it justice.  In fact, if you haven't been there, why are you looking at them?  You should be on your way to the airport.

Denali is just behind those clouds underneath the blue hole. supposedly, according to Ranger Rick

Upon entering the tour bus only section of the park, we see Dall Sheep waaaay up in the mountains

and carnivore central

the days solo, hungover bus ride

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update: entire trip map located here

Last Smelly Meal

We'd been subsisting mainly on beans and rice, but in a moment of cold-induced weakness bought some overpriced bacon and eggs aka comfort food.  Before Entering Denali Nat'l Park, we though it would be wise to eat all the smelly, powerful scenty, bear-attracty food.

It was sunny and we made it to Denali Nat'l Park with no bacon and a six pack.  nuff said.

the day's route about 80 miles.

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Breaking News... Dirtbag Challenge

We interrupt your regularly scheduled program for this breaking news...a dirtbag challenge broke out today in San Francisco.  Being a true scumbucket, I was drawn to the bike-building beer-swilling brunout-making tire-burning wheelin'-in-circles punk-rock-singin' custom-trophy-winnin' event.  The only regret is that a scumbucket didn't win the dirtbag.

custom made winners trophys

4-way stop
more spoils

The Best and Worst Day on Denali Highway

We woke with Denali covered by the looming rainstorms.  We quickly packed up camp and started heading towards the Denali Highway.  No breakfast today, the rain immediately commenced and the temperature plummeted.  We rode alongside the pipeline for the first time, and stopped along the way to admire it and wring our drenched socks.  Afterwards we lined our boots with plastic bags.

Arriving in Paxson, AK we were freezing cold, hungry, and out of gas.  The only store in town has a monopoly on everything... although I wouldn't suggest, ordering anything there (in fact I recommend going hungry) or purchasing the most expensive gas we saw on the trip... we did.  Learn from our mistake.

Luckily the Denali Highway's views and great riding quickly erased any memories of Paxson from our minds.

Do stop @ milepost 42 for the Maclaren River Lodge, Mmmmmm Hmmmmmmm.  In fact, go out of your way to stop by there, friendly service and the
best fresh made bread ever.
best warm soup ever.
best hot coffee ever.
basically the best ever.

Mmmmmmm Hmmmmmmm!

@ EOB June 19th

The neatest thing about this day was after we got settled in camp a kid on a bicycle waved at us as he rode by.  The rest of the evening, he rode his bicycle around camp making motor noises, ala "On Any Sunday" introduction.

The day's route: 190 miles


We made it across the border and into Alaska at the most northern border crossing of the USA.  It was a  beautiful sunny day as we rode along a pleasant stream, hoping to get to the town of Chicken, AK where we could find some water.  Along the way we decided enough is enough; we had no water, 4 days without shower, no breakfast... .

It was time to stop and drink, eat and swim in the stream.  Turns out it was a very cold mountain stream (was that an ice chunk that just drifted by?), which had lots of particulate to clog the water filter.  Bellies full, we made the decision to ride towards Denali National Park.  It got late, so we ended up camping somewhere along the side of the road, it had an alright view...  no water or room service though.

Mount McKinley, about 200 miles away as the crow flies

 the days route:

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Wake up in Canada Again

when we open the tent in the morning to this

and step outside to this

its hard to leave the Top Of The World

The Top of the Top of the World

With our stomachs full, we hiked to the Top of the Top of the World highway, and were the best of the best of the best.

and practiced bear protection