The Best and Worst Day on Denali Highway

We woke with Denali covered by the looming rainstorms.  We quickly packed up camp and started heading towards the Denali Highway.  No breakfast today, the rain immediately commenced and the temperature plummeted.  We rode alongside the pipeline for the first time, and stopped along the way to admire it and wring our drenched socks.  Afterwards we lined our boots with plastic bags.

Arriving in Paxson, AK we were freezing cold, hungry, and out of gas.  The only store in town has a monopoly on everything... although I wouldn't suggest, ordering anything there (in fact I recommend going hungry) or purchasing the most expensive gas we saw on the trip... we did.  Learn from our mistake.

Luckily the Denali Highway's views and great riding quickly erased any memories of Paxson from our minds.

Do stop @ milepost 42 for the Maclaren River Lodge, Mmmmmm Hmmmmmmm.  In fact, go out of your way to stop by there, friendly service and the
best fresh made bread ever.
best warm soup ever.
best hot coffee ever.
basically the best ever.

Mmmmmmm Hmmmmmmm!

@ EOB June 19th

The neatest thing about this day was after we got settled in camp a kid on a bicycle waved at us as he rode by.  The rest of the evening, he rode his bicycle around camp making motor noises, ala "On Any Sunday" introduction.

The day's route: 190 miles

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