When In Doubt, More Cowbell

My first enduro race today. 90 miles of singletrack with some fireroad thrown in for good measure at the Cowbell Enduro in Mendocino NF.  Awesome.

learn about "minutes" "tests" "burning check points" "roll charts" "resets" and all that enduro jazz from some good folks.  Big Thanks to Austin for hosting everyone.
stay up till 2 getting bikes dialed in, ya know: rebuilding the engine, installing brake coolers, changing tires & sprockets, etc.  Big Thanks to Adam for letting me ride his bike.
wake up before 7 to overcast sky with snow/rain in forecast


Nature threw its best at us: clouds, snow rain, hail...
Course Designers tried too: bike swallowing ruts (drag your handlebars!), roots, hill climbs, descents...

And we'll be back for more!