Haystack Mountain in Wind Rivers

a video of sounding the alarm.

Then we climbed Haystack.  shuffling over some ledges and cliffs on the sides of mountains we made our way to the top, only to be slowed by a few caves.

Senior Picture of Leaf

Wind Rivers

I've been invited on a another families great adventure vacation.... not knowing all the would ensue, it began with a midnight drive and finding out at the last minute tying seat belts doesn't work in-lieu of a buckle.  8 am arrivals after all-night drives leading to 8 miles of uphill hiking, 1 mile of getting lost, 7 voices knowing where we could be found and finally this...

 After our bellies were full of trout, we went for a walk to the Continental Divide.  The top of the Cirque de Towers is the divide, and this picture shows a 270 degree span... the divide nearly surround you.

The night life ain't all that bad.

Nightlife is Premium