We made it across the border and into Alaska at the most northern border crossing of the USA.  It was a  beautiful sunny day as we rode along a pleasant stream, hoping to get to the town of Chicken, AK where we could find some water.  Along the way we decided enough is enough; we had no water, 4 days without shower, no breakfast... .

It was time to stop and drink, eat and swim in the stream.  Turns out it was a very cold mountain stream (was that an ice chunk that just drifted by?), which had lots of particulate to clog the water filter.  Bellies full, we made the decision to ride towards Denali National Park.  It got late, so we ended up camping somewhere along the side of the road, it had an alright view...  no water or room service though.

Mount McKinley, about 200 miles away as the crow flies

 the days route:

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