We rode into Anchorage in the late afternoon, as the sun was still high in the sky.  Summertime in Alaska is amazing.  On the first freeway in over a month, coming into Anchorage, traffic was at a standstill.  A moose was hanging out in the road.  As we were to find out, this is a normal occurance here.

Harper had a friend of a friend's address, we had shipped some stuff to their address.  First order of business was to swing by, say hi, maybe have a beer or two and go on our way.  We showed up @ Brad and Emily's place, to find them on their way to get take-out pizza and beer from the Moose's Tooth.  They had planned to throw a real nice dinner for us, and get us drunk so we couldn't leave for a week!

Nicest, most awesome, super coolest people ever.

There is something neat about hanging out in the backyard, having beers with good people, at midnight, and it still be sunny out.

Did I mention that Brad and Emily rock?

We enjoyed their company, a Bruce Lee film, the longest tennis match ever, some great food, stories about AK and otherwise over lots of MGD.  They both grew up in Wisconsin, and have a soft spot for Milwaukee beer.  can't say I blame 'em, its good stuff.

We ended up changing out tires in the front yard to get ready for our trip up the Dalton Highway, to the most northern point of the USA accessable by road.

super-knobbies for $8 total
We never did get any pictures with Brad & Emily, I suppose when you are having a chill time with cool people, you don't really think about it at the time.  Looking back, I wish I had taken some.  You'll just have to trust me that they are rad.

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