and then there were three. and more repairs.

After a week of scumbucketry, the real world was swooning to Matt.  We tried to help him resist, but the lure of the sirens was too great to overcome, either that or paying his bills.  We may never know.  We mourned his return to society in true scumbucket style.

and continued the repairs.. blown out tires and an unbalanced gyroscope on the hover bike.  thankfully, we had a half empty can of tire shine and some unopened brand name mouth wash to chase down the greek sandwich.


After solving my blown rear tire and Mike’s two unbalanced tires, we were ready to move north from Telkwa, BC of course in the rain again.  Mike had to stop and get a replacement bolt, and conveniently there was a brewery next to the motorcycle shop.  At the Plan B Brewery in Smithers, BC. Harper and I met a couple cool local ladies who recommended a stop at a local bakery in Hazelton, BC.  The best cinnamon rolls ever.  It was here that the level of civility would be at its peak, we would only get further away into the bush each day, causing our standards to sink 5% further into scumbucketry each additional day.

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