June 13, 2010 - truckers & snow

Harper and I continued north on the Cassiar Highway through Northern British Columbia.  After the turn-off to Hyder, it gets even more remote and desolate.  This is not a place that one would want to have a break down or accident.  We had just begun to grasp the secluded isolation we were entering in, as we turned the corner and saw this scene.

Apparently, falling asleep while driving on the Cassiar can be a problem, who knew?  A passerby told us it just happened a day ago, and the driver was alright.  The scene left us with something to think about regarding "drowsy driving" and we continued north, at a very sane pace.  The overcast sky, somber scene, and desolate roadway results led to reflection and contemplation, mile after mile... or kilometer after kilometer, since this is Canada, eh?

The road turned to gravel as it led down a valley into the river bank.  The enduros were handling well on the first stretch of gravel, so we started thinking less and riding more  Especially once we rose out of the valley and saw a storm front trying to head us off at the pass.  We kicked up the pace again in order to outrun the rain only to find... SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

June snow storm

We waited for it to pass.  Worth it.

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