Two Up to Seward

We wake up @ 2 am next to the river.  Ride in the rain towards Seward AK, gotta be there @ 5 pm. We stop in Anchorage at Brad & Emily's place to get gear for a 4 day kayak fishing trip in the Kenai Fjords Nat'l Park near Seward.  My dad has flown up from Minnesota and is meeting us in Seward, we've been planning this for a few months now.

About a half hour out of Anchorage, the sprocket issue has raised its ugly head again.  The chain comes off, and is completely wrecked.  We lay in the ditch at 4 pm, wondering how we are going to make the last 100 miles of curvy road to Seward.

After lots of phone calls, 2 wreckers, and some wonderful people named Ben and Stacie in Girdwood who let me store my bike in their shed, @ 11 pm, we leave Girdwood AK on one bike.  The water taxi leaves @ 8 am and we must be on it.

A huge massive big ups, thanks and gratitude to Ben and Stacie.  you rock.  
butt to nut.  must like fishing alot.

400 rainy miles, 2 sprockets, 1 chain, 2 tow trucks, packing for 4 day kayak fishing trip, 100 miles to go two up.

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