Sleep & Sprockets

I haven't posted for awhile, since January.  Hmmm, right about when I got a job.  huh.

I digress to scumbuckets riding south towards Fairbanks...  and start to notice that my bike is making funny noises.   We stop in Fairbanks for gas, its about 90 F and we haven't slept or showered in... awhile.      

we notice my sprocket is missing about half its teeth, and my chain has about 47 feet of slack.  not good.  when did this all happen?

It also turns out when you ride 1500 miles in 3 days on gravel the chain and sprockets take a beating.

time for scumbucket problem solving.  within an hour I've procured a spare sprocket, and the guy we got it from not only put it on, but also washed our bikes!  Alaskan's Rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We continue south with the paved road humming underneath us.... such a melody.




till we realize we're falling asleep.  while riding motorcycles.  on a public road.  time to stop.  still 400 miles to Seward, but if we keep going we'll surely die.  we find a place to sleep next to a river.  

wanna swim in there?
HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!!
24 hours to make the fishing boat.  must be in Seward by 5 pm tomorrow.  alarms set for 2 am.

600 miles, 1 sprocket procurement and replacement, 1 gas flavored meal and 1 shower in 24 hours.  scummy.

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