And then there was one

Forth of July is over, the fishing trips are completed and bellies full.  Its time to get back to the motorcycle.  Its stored at some wonderful stranger's place.  After some public transit, more two-up riding and some roadside camping, we make it there.  We try to make the bike start.  It won't.

Carb clean.  it won't go.

Battery charge, fresh gas, new plug.  it won't go.

it starts to rain.  alot.  try to do a jerry-rigged compression test to no avail.

starting fluid.  it won't go.

charge the battery, go to the bar, get soaked.  in many ways.  come up with a plan...

more starting fluid.  it won't go.  that's the end of this bike's trip.

We head back to Anchorage, and load up Harper's bike for his long, solo trip home.  a True Road Warrior

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And then there was one.

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