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The best ideas never seem that great while they are happening.  They are always better when thought of, usually with a beer in hand; or when reminiscing with a beer in hand.  Anyone else see a pattern?

I don't know if you are aware, but Mt Whitney is the highest point in the contiguous United States (shout out for the big word).  160 people per day are allowed to hike to the top, but one needs to apply in February, when the mountain is still covered in snow.

So what happens when in mid-July the mountain is STILL covered in snow?  why, climb to the top of course.
sleepy mountain
good idea still? better think about it over coffee

lake @ 10,000' full of 6-12" trount
Thanks to some great advice from a co-worker who has some experience with altitude, we decided to camp @ Outpost Camp, located @ 10,000 ft instead of the higher, more popular campground.  It was a good choice, because narby there was a lake.  We spent the afternoon "acclimating" by reading books and catching fish next to the trail that people were huffing up and down with 50 lb packs.

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