Arctic Ocean Round Trip, day 2 1/2

Atigun Pass = Death Pass.  

Its like riding up into hell at 3 am.  The approach through the valley is pleasant in the sun, but looking ahead darkness and cold are present.  Passing the furthest northern spruce tree, one notices how difficult life is this far north, its only a few feet tall.  The pipeline is dwarfed by the surrounding mountains, and appears to be a toothpick between the car seats.

The road up Antigun pass appears.  Satan's been through here, clawing and gouging the sides as he scrapped his way up.  The sunlight disappears in the land of 24 hour sun, it being covered by low level black clouds.  Swooping down they bring rain and cold.  Blowing wind makes the scorched rocks tumble down the grade.  The hard, cold, black earth appears to be on fire, smoldering black with mist and clouds.

We didn't die on the pass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

looking back towards the pass
looking ahead towards the north
rolling into Galbraith campground and airstrip @ 4:30 am we celebrate by having some whiskey while dodging kamikazie mosquito bombers setting up the tent.  exhausted.

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