Arctic Ocean Round Trip, day 3 1/2

Deadhorse was neat, but uneventful.  It is a 100% work-gets-done-here-now kind of place.  The people are there for one reason - to extract oil from the ground.  That is, unless they are crazy scumbucket motorcyclists.

Anyways, we got there in the late afternoon, filled up the tanks wit expensive gasoline, and wondered "huh.  what now?"  food?  No bars up here to celebrate with, all alcohol is banned.  We were trying to figure out where to get food... all there is around there is raised gravel roads (the tundra itself can't be driven on with normal vehicles), work shops, drilling rigs, neat crazy tired tundra rigs, barracks to house the workers and that is about it.  No real maps are available, and everything is pretty well closed up tight, its not like a guy can walk up to these shops.  They need to keep out -60F weather with 60 mph winds in the winter!!!!

We were trying to figure it out, when a dude in a pickup pulled up and started a conversation.  Turns out he is a bush pilot who hauls scientists out to study whatever they study.  He gave us directions to a steak feed taking place tonight - $50 a head, but the best meal in town.  We opted for door #2, the Arctic Caribou Inn buffet.  But scaled back to salad and dessert only... $12.  It was the best tasting crappiest food I've ever had.

white-greenish thick paper to put sugary red salad dressing on followed by spongy yellow cake-like cushion (I think I'm going to use this as my next motorcycle seat) covered in bright red colored strawberryish gooey sauce topped by miracle whip?  no musta been cool whip... who knows.  I ate at least 3 servings of each.  Plus the first milk I've had for a long time.

Way. Too. Much. Food.

Rolling out of the place, I thought I was going to hurl.  Need to walk it off.

oil rig

arctic ocean redwood tree infront of oil rig

Everything up on the tundra is smaller, for instance the rare arctic ocean redwood tree as seen above.  The ducks in the water could fit inside the palm of your hand.

It was about time to start thinking about heading south.  weird.

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