Arctic Ocean Round Trip, day 4 and-whatever

scumbuckets are continuing south.  still light out when we reach our previous nights, or was it days campground.  No need to think of what time it is, its light out, we're not wearing sunglasses, we gotta half pack of smokes, full tanks of gas.  Hit it!!!

Near Galbraith Campground
scumbucket shadow
what looks like a smudge is just a big mosquito
when they made the roads up here, alot of the supplies were flow in with helicopters.  due to the distances and weights, they needed to be re-fueled after dropping supplies.  A few got filled up about half way, before the construction crew realized that it wasn't a helicopter, just a big mosquito.

looking forward to Atigun Pass again
Every mile further south, the flora became taller.  No trees, but taller grasses.  We made the mistake of stopping, the mosquitoes tried to take me away.  Good thing I had 15 extra pounds of "food" in my stomach from the Arctic Caribou Inn, they couldn't get me airborne.  We couldn't even keep our visors open they were so bad.

The pass was shrowded in death clouds again.  As we approached, they cleared to let us through.
well used guard rail on Atigun Pass
But once we had stopped, the death clouds sensed another couple of victims, so they closed back in upon us in two seconds flat.

We sped out of the grasp of the death clouds and continued south.  There started to be trees!  That furthest north spruce tree again.  Every mile we could feel the weather getting warmer, the trees getting taller, the animals getting bigger.  many Moose, um Meece? Mooses? Meeses? Mice?  they are early risers, we see.  Is certainly morning, we begin t see cars.  Dang, we need to be in Seward, AK in 36 hours.

I'm trying to figure out how we are going to make it there.  I was told there would be no math on this trip, but it seems prudent to attempt some algebra now.  So if two motorcycles with scumbuckets are heading south at 50 mph, and they have 750 miles to go, can they make it in 36 hours?  I think to myself we need to just ride though the night... wait we already did that!  We need to ride through the day!  man, our schedules are messed up, that's when we should be sleeping.

We stop to eat breakfast and discuss if riding through the day is a good idea.

One bite into our typical beans, rice, cheese & hot sauce burrito, we realize something isn't right.  Could just be the long night, uh, day?... whatever.  A sip of coffee could help maybe.

BLEH!  nope, same taste.  what the hell?

We figure we need to ride the entire way without stopping to make it to Seward on time.  We think more of that awful taste.  Then we realize that Harper's awesome old-school stove was stored on top of the food and has leaked gasoline into everything.  the burritos, coffee, cheese, even the raisins taste like gasoline.  We are so hungry though, we force it down.  Uh.  Don't pack stove fuel and food in same saddlebag.  Uh.

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