Arctic Ocean Round Trip, day 2

We should have known it would be a bad omen to wake up in a bed… we couldn’t imagine what the rest of the day would hold for us!  Upon reaching the U of A – Fairbanks parking lot, Harper had lost his key and my bike had leaked out some horsepower in the form of motor oil.  So we did what any good scumbucket would do, cook a big ‘ol pancake breakfast on a picnic table @ campus.

Luckily, some of the other bikers found the key, and placed it on Harper’s bike.  Lost key, check.

First stop, auto parts store to get an education on Alaskan politics and a new drain bolt crush washer.  Parking lot repair, check.  notice the oil drops on the ground, my bike had only been there for a few minutes.

 Second stop, glorious photo op, check.

Third stop, Harper runs out of gas.  Luckily we prepare and bring extra, as we know this is going to happen.  We notice a radio tower.  Figure we might as well climb it.  Amazing sky in this country, if you don’t like how the sky looks, turn around and it’ll be different.  

This is 180 degrees from the previous picture.  Sunny, with big clouds everywhere, even on the ground?  Well, that’s where those firejumpers must be now...

Lunch at the Yukon River Bridge.  We met some fighter pilots from Italy, who were, um, cough, there, training.  Flew fighter planes from Italy to AK, how awesome is that?  And we thought we were in for an adventure!  Notice the old-school awesome stove that runs on gasoline...

This was our first opportunity to get up close and personal with the engineering marvel, business cash cow, and some would say environmental hazard known as the pipeline which has constantly been alongside us.  Notice how un-impressed Harper is.

It is huge, and they are thinking of putting another one right next to it.  We love oil.  I know it makes my daily life easier. 

Scumbuckets @ Arctic Circle

Once we crossed the Arctic Circle, it would be 24 hour sunlight.  The wildflowers were busting with color, due to the short growing season up here, they all bloom close together time-wise.  It is amazing and you should probably check it out.

Coldfoot, AK.  Last truckstop before the oil fields, it was midnight-ish.  The big rigs around here are no joke.   Need coffee to push through Atigun Pass to our campground, its getting pretty cold, maybe 35F.

Coldfoot, AK

Do you take your coffee like an Alaskan?  sugar, non-dairy creamer, and mosquitoes to make it tolerable....

tiedown hell

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